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Givary Apparel Co. Welcomes Jacob Olenick as Creative Director

Givary Apparel Co. creates custom church apparel that will illustrate your message, attract the one far from God, and empower those who serve to share their story.

Christian custom apparel company, Givary Apparel Co. announces and welcomes Jacob Olenick as Creative Director in charge of applying the unique creative perspective of Givary Apparel Co. to the custom apparel industry.

For Olenick, the mission of the Church is his first priority. He has served in local ministries from Cleveland to Miami to Las Vegas. His passion for Christ and the arts has led him to have the opportunity to serve in church launches, youth ministries, and small groups as a creative force behind the look and feel of social media, apparel, and church branding. If he's not spending his time designing, he's crafting a dynamic sermon to share with those he leads.

As Creative Director of Givary Apparel Co. Olenick will bring his passion for design, fashion, and Christ to custom apparel and digital mediums. He will partner with ministry leaders to help see their design vision come to fruition on high quality apparel through his distinctive style and uncommon skill.

"We are thrilled to have Jacob join our team. We believe in the vision he brings to the table and know he will propel Givary into a whole new realm of trendsetting in the Church." says Jim Barnhart, Founder of Givary Apparel Co.

"The mission of Givary is so powerful, getting the opportunity to be apart of the team is a dream come true." Olenick said.

About Givary Apparel Co.

Located in Las Vegas, NV, Givary Apparel Co. is the first custom apparel company to focus solely on the growth and empowerment of your ministry. Serving church plants & long established ministries all over the United States, they are passionate about creating apparel that catches the eye of the unbeliever and encourages those who serve to share their stories. Givary Apparel Co. puts 10% of all profits toward growing ministries throughout the world. Learn more at

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