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H E M  T A G S


Some common placements for hem tags are: hip, neck, sleeve, hoodie pockets and the hip area of t-shirts.

We don’t manufacture woven labels ourselves, but recommend Just keep in mind, it usually takes some time for the tags to be created and shiped to us.

We recommend satin printed labels for the neck area just because they’re super soft, smooth and non-irritating against the skin. For hip and sleeve labels, demask labels are more commonly used. The higher the demask count, the finer the thread, therefore the softer the label and the more detail you’re able to include.

For hip label placement, our standard is roughly 4" from the seam on sizes up to MD, roughly 5" for LG and larger.

You can have your hem tags directly sent to us from the manufacturer or you can send them. 

Please be sure to send extra hem tags when you provide tags for your shirts. Always allow yourself a buffer of approximately 10% when you send your tags in to account for loss, error, or manufacturer defect.

 Qty                           Hem Tag                     Athletic

36 – 49                   + $1.20                     + $2.00

50 – 199                 + $0.60                     + $1.00

200 – 999               + $0.55                     + $0.90

1000 +                   + $0.50                     + $0.80

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