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T A G  P R I N T I N G

Want to brand your shirts to make them look unique? We can easily help you with that by removing the manufacturer's sewn in tags and replacing it with a printed 1 color design on the inside of the shirt. Please note that some brands work better with Tag Removal than others.

When doing printed tags on white shirts you run the risk of the tag showing through the back. We recommend using a water based ink to minimize the risk of tag prints showing through the backside of a t-shirt, especially on light shirt colors.

Image Size: Max image size allowed for tag printing is 4" wide x 4” tall.


Recommended Information: We recommend including the following information in your tag art: Company Name, Fabric Contents, Country of Mfg, Care Instructions.

Tear-away Tags: If your shirts come with tear-away tags, we do not charge to tear those out. Please be aware that tear-away tags will sometimes leave small pieces of the tag still in the shirt seam. If you do not pay for tag removal, we are not liable to remove all pieces of the tag should some remain in the seam. If you want them unsewn for removal, thus eliminating the chance of the tearaway remnants, standard removal fees and turnarounds apply.

Tag Removal: Please add two days to your turnaround for the removal of sewn manufacturer tag. Not all seam styles are the same and therefore not all sewn in tags remove the same way.

   Qty                           Printing                       Removal

36 – 49                   + $2.00                     + $2.00

50 – 199                 + $0.75                     + $0.60

200 – 999               + $0.60                     + $0.55

1000 +                   + $0.45                     + $0.50

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