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F O L D I N G  &  B A G G I N G

Let us fold and bag your shirts for you for a nice professional touch. This helps keeps your shirts organized and clean. We also apply a size sticker onto each bag so you know what size is inside.

Bag Size: The standard bag size is roughly 10" wide x 12" tall, 1 mil. Hoodie bags are slightly larger, generally 10" wide x 15" tall.

Bag Color Choices: Clear are standard. Size stickers on the exterior of the bag is option.

Benefits: There are several benefits to folding and bagging. First and foremost, it protects your garments from any environment they may be exposed to, whether that’s in transit or in storage. Keep your shirts clean and crisp by adding a bag for a little extra protection. Most online stores that sell shirts send them either in a fancy package or polybag. Both are great options to keep your products retail ready. Your customers will experience a new level of satisfaction when they receive what they ordered plus a little something more. Knowing that you took the time to do a little something extra will keep them coming back for more. Throw a sticker in there too and see what that does! Bagging is great for inventory. If your t-shirts come separated by sized bags, it'll be easier to check in what you’ve ordered and keep track of what you’re sending out. Taking an extra step out of your management process to prevent inaccurate inventory tracking will put you ahead of the game, thus allowing you to prioritize future orders based on sales.

     Qty                             Fold                         Fold + Bag

36 – 49                   + $2.00                     + $2.00

50 – 199                 + $0.55                     + $0.75

200 – 999               + $0.50                     + $0.70

1000 +                   + $0.45                     + $0.65

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